Cosmeceutical Grade Peels

AHA Enzyme Peel

A gentle micro exfoliating treatment designed to soothe, hydrate and micro exfoliate dry, flaking and sensitised skins. Ultra gentle skin  exfoliation for a smoother, brighter complexion, hydrates and softens. Refreshes and re-vitalises. Perfect for use to remove dry, rough or  peeling skin.
For all skin types and conditions

45 Mins $90

Peel Accelerator

Chirally correct vitamin and acid peel to renew, brighten and smooth the skin while proving antibacterial support and improving hydration.
For all skin types

45 Mins $150

Ageless Peel

A Chirally Correct, medical grade anabolic restructuring treatment  containing potent antioxidant and amino acid complex to target visible signs of ageing and sun damage. This revolutionary peel works on a  dermal level to encourage normalised cell production resulting in a  revitalised, smoother and more even complexion. 
For Aged, Sun Damaged and dull lifeless skin.

45 Mins $150

A cosmedical grade intensive skin peeling system designed to accelerate skin regeneration and resurfacing.

Purple Peel